Multipliers Make It Happen

Discipleship & Teachers

. . . if we just have conferences to reach teachers, but don’t follow them up with discipleship, then the momentum eventually dies out. If we prepare each teacher to reach other teachers, and help them become multiplying disciples then the movement will spread from heart to heart, day after day, year after year, city after city, as God uses them.

Pretty insightful words from a public school teacher in Siberia, Russia. She understands something many of us have forgotten. We get very fixated on our ministry methods and activities without stopping to consider if what we are doing is reproducible. Do we train trainers who will train others, or do we chose the easier route of simply sharing information that we hope will be helpful one person at a time?The first step is to make sure our materials are transferrable. That is to say, anyone who learns the curriculum can likewise teach it to another person. √ Check. All of the International School Project (ISP) curricula are written that way. But our teacher friend from Siberia was talking about something much deeper.

She wants to see people’s hearts transformed so that they become multiplying disciples. I also think she instinctively knows this is an intimate process that involves a personal relationship with another Christian, and the work of the Holy Spirit.

I (Jo Anne) have been transitioning into the role of working with the Director of Discipleship for ISP. Joi and I have been friends since the 80’s before either of us became moms. Our job is to expand the kind of discipleship our Siberian friend talks about into every country where ISP conducts training conferences. Joi and her family lived in Russia for many years and she is using what she developed there as a model for the rest of the world.

ISP has hundreds of volunteers who serve as small group leaders for the teacher’s training conferences in 20 countries. Part of our vision is to train these volunteers in the principles of multiplying discipleship so that they are imparting those ideas during their small group sessions.

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