The Power of Identity

How do you bring a sense of identity with you into social media and online conversations? What it is that contributes to being “real” with people over the internet? Is it all about a careful choice of words squeezed into very short paragraphs, or do some ambient characteristics of the web site or mobile app help in building authenticity, openness and a sense of belonging?

Knowing who you are and whose you are is a powerful thing. This sense of self awareness and belonging brings both power and sensitivity to personal relationships. Being comfortable with who you are allows others to be comfortable with you in conversation.  Knowing whose you are comes from being well loved. It makes you feel secure and makes others feel safe when they are around you.

Your sense of belonging is contagious to those who are still seeking meaning in life. Though they will seek to spend time with you and to listen carefully to your words, it is not about you, but more about the One who gives this sense of identity to you.

Truthfully, we can all relate to how an awkward choice of words or a short, terse sentence has taken an online conversation in the wrong direction quickly. The single greatest weakness of digital media is that it takes away our ability to read each other’s body language or facial expressions. And yet still, online conversation and socialization is flourishing.

Give me your thoughts. How do you bring your sense of identity into conversations, either online or in person?