On Leading Well: “Dear God, I want to be relevant.”

Our Global Technology Leaders are gathering next week in Manila, Philippines to hone our leadership skills and to find new ways of using technology to support people who share the Gospel.

I was given the topic of “How to Lead With Information,” but I’ve decided nobody gets motivated to work harder or work smarter by looking at pretty charts or by reading amazing statistics. Instead, a good leader uses data to find and recognize those workers who are helping the organization succeed.

So What About Ministry Workers?

My executive coach suggested a book, 1501 Ways to Reward Employees. I was a little skeptical at first. After all, doing ministry by building into people’s lives is a lot different than building widgets. What I found instead was really refreshing!

They want to be relevant. 

People, no matter what their job, really need to know that someone notices them and notices their efforts. Having meaningful choices for how you get the job done only matters if someone else notices.

It is very rewarding to share the Gospel and to see someone’s life changed for eternity, but behind the scenes is a whole lot of hard work going on to make that moment possible and that hard work needs recognition.

So my goal is for each leader to find culturally appropriate ways to recognize hidden workers whose efforts are directly contributing to successful ministry work.

Pray that my colleagues in Manila will find fun ways to reward and encourage our fellow workers.