Thai Floods

I’m sad to be leaving Thailand this morning, but I need to get home too.┬áThis is the first day our delegates will have a chance to do some flood relief work. There is some heavy lifting and transport needed for salvaging materials out of a flood zone to use elsewhere. I guess they will be using some sort of military vehicle for transport through 2 meter deep waters. Next week our Thai staff will be using the rubber boats we brought to transport food and medical supplies into flooded areas.

Since first coming to Thailand in 2003 I have come to have a deep respect and care for the Thai Christians. Since the tsunami in 2004, Jesus’ people in this country are becoming known for their loving kindness, courage and willingness to share what they have and what they know with people in need. The depth of their faith has been wrought through hardship and careful attention to God’s word and I admire them.