The Debris Field

If you’ve every visited the scene of a crash or seen pictures of one from overhead you always notice a pattern to the debris field. It starts with skid marks and ends with a pile of debris. That is what the entry way of our house used to look like. We’ve recently declared a path from the dining room back towards the front door to be a debris-free zone.  Why is it that when we come home we immediately drop all the stuff from our day and head straight for some form of relaxation or electronic pacification?

I had to think back over my emotional habit patterns as well. Do I come home and afford my family the same courtesy and politeness I show to others, or do I dump on them all my rotten, pent-up frustrations?  And what about my relationship with God? Am I respectful in my greetings and supplications, or do I just dump my frustration on Him first?

Now I fully appreciate the need for a safe place to relax and be real with each other and with God, but how I enter that place makes all the difference in the world.  There must be room for both candor and politeness. In our family, each of us has a place out of sight and away from the front door where we can dump our stuff. Our relationships with family and close friends need to have a place where we can relax and let loose a little, but it doesn’t have to be the first thing we do.

I’ve also noticed in my quiet time with God each morning and as I approach Him in prayer throughout the day it sure helps if I can greet Him warmly and with a loving heart before I get to the hard stuff.

So, what doe the debris field look like at your house?